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Greetings brothers and sisters from every corner of the world. Let’s huddle together to share knowledge and strive for unity

Malcolm King
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2016-04-19 17:34:24
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Get Paid for Sharing

Earn (Ч⋮) "Sypkas" (points) by simply sharing pictures, videos, opinions and reviews. Use your earned (Ч⋮) Sypkas to get cash cards, gift cards and merchandise. Social activities that you are already performing on other mainstream networks while getting nothing back for your work. 

(Ч⋮)1,000 = $1! The platform to learn, teach and earn.

How it works  Leaderboard

Below are a few ways to earn on Yodovo:

  • You get (Ч⋮)1,000 simply for joining our family
  • Earn up to (Ч⋮)25,000 when you complete a challenge
  • Earn (Ч⋮)2,500 for each new member that you invite to a huddle *±
  • Earn 10% of the total (Ч⋮) earned by all the members you invite *
  • Earn up to (Ч⋮)100 for each badge that other members award you
  • Earn (Ч⋮)25 for each post that gets promoted in a main huddle
  • Earn (Ч⋮)10 for every member who joins a Huddle that you created
  • Earn ⋮)5 points each time your post is shared to Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Pinterest
  • Earn (Ч⋮)5 for every member who follows you
  • Earn up to (Ч⋮)5 when other members score your post or your comment
  • Earn (Ч⋮)3 when other members comment on your post
  • Earn (Ч⋮)3 when other members repost your post
  • Earn (Ч⋮)1 when other members like your post

We are constantly working on new ways you can earn (Ч⋮). Please stay tuned!!