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Greetings Brothers and Sisters. Let’s huddle together for economic power, to shatter negative stereotypes and misconceptions, and to strive for excellence

Dimitry Saint-Pierre
Dimitry Saint-Pierre - (Ч⋮)319,665
Yodovo Founder
2016-04-19 17:34:24 (Ч⋮)37

Get Free Merchandize for Social Networking

Earn (Ч⋮) "Sypkas" (points) by simply posting pictures, videos, opinions and reviews. Social activities that you are already performing on other mainstream networks while getting nothing back for your work. 

On Yodovo, the more engaged you are on the platform the more your points will increase. 

How it works  Leaderboard

Below are a few ways to earn on Yodovo:

  • You get (Ч⋮)1,000 simply for joining our family
  • Earn up to (Ч⋮)5,000 when you complete a challenge
  • Earn (Ч⋮)2,500 for each new member that you invite to a huddle *±
  • Earn 10% of the total (Ч⋮) earned by all the members you invite *
  • Earn up to (Ч⋮)100 for each badge that other members award you
  • Earn (Ч⋮)25 for each post that gets promoted in a main huddle
  • Earn (Ч⋮)10 for every member who joins a Huddle that you created
  • Earn (Ч⋮)5 for every member who f ollows you
  • Earn up to (Ч⋮)5 when other members score your post or your comment
  • Earn (Ч⋮)3 when other members comment on your post
  • Earn (Ч⋮)3 when other members repost your post
  • Earn (Ч⋮)1 when other members like your post

We are constantly working on new ways you can earn (Ч⋮). Please stay tuned!!