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About Us

Yodovo.com is an unapologetic ad-free zero-profit social media platform dedicated to conscious minded people of color worldwide. The app that rewards you for helping make our world a better place for everyone!

You will find:

  • Challenges section that teaches about black history, black excellence and black pride
  • Polls section that asks the hard questions about our society
  • Business section that lists black owned businesses all around the world 
  • Places Friendly to People of Color section that lists businesses and areas that treat us equally
  • Events calendar that lists events that raises awareness in the black community 

 Our mission statement is simple: “To be the number one platform for conscious minded people of color."

A word from our founder


Yodovo Rewards

Earn points for sharing content that makes people think, content that educates, or content that opens the mind to new possibilities. You can use these points to get gift cards or free merchandise such as tablets, game consoles and apparels.

Our store  How to earn points


Why Yodovo?

Yodovo is trying to change the way we think about social media by encouraging our teachers, warriors and revolutionaries to share content with substance and really share with one another.  

Join us to: 

  • Meet great people from all over the world who are fighting for a better world
  • Empower our communities for real economic and political strength
  • Unify our fragmented voice against oppression
  • Promote your business and services to keep our money in our community
  • Earn points that can used to purchase merchandise such as electronics, books, school supplies etc.

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