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Dimitry Saint-Pierre
Dimitry Saint-Pierre - (Ч⋮)319,665
Yodovo Founder
2017-07-17 12:28:01 (Ч⋮)33

Anti-trump Protesters Are Not All Allies for Black People

It is known that fear and hate unites people. There is no argument that most sane people are in fear of a Trump presidency and some have voice their hatred for the man. There is a good number of white Americans who are anti-Trump; he lost the popular vote by the largest margin in US history. A greater percentage of America have a low opinion of Trump. Even white racist Americans have issue with this president, not because of his racism, but because he is clearly unfit for the job.

After the depressing election, a great number of black individuals, including myself, joined anti Trump groups to voice their frustration with people of like minds. I belong to more than a few anti Trump social media groups with members that publicly voice their negative opinions about Trump. But I have also seen a rise in racist negative comments about black people coming from the same people who protest Trump’s presidency. Seeing these racist posts on pro Trump groups is not surprising, but coming from anti Trump people was shocking. I believe as Trump continues to derail his presidency white racist are getting comfortable with publicly voicing their opposition to Trump.

Americans are not protesting Trump for the same reasons. Most blacks, I believe in addition to many other reasons, do not like Trump because; he has aligned himself with white supremacists, or, at least, he refused to distance himself from them, or, worst, he is simply a racist. Most whites simply believe that he is just a con artist, but would support him if he does not impact their wallets.

Just because your new found anti Trump friends are vehemently aligned with you with against Trump does not mean they care about Black people. Ask them the hard question on where they stand on issues that really matter to you. For me, I am Pro Black before pro or anti anything else.

What are your thoughts.