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We need to have awareness of the many preventive steps we should take to better our health. We must keep our bodies and our minds in great shape for the pending revolution.


Malcolm King
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Black Heath Matters: Community Dialogues


Saturday April 29, 2017 (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
Past Event
Event Type: Community

Austin, Texas 78741 United States
Participants: 7 attending · 1 maybe · 0 declined

Dialogue #1: How discrimination is killing African American babies? There is a nationwide epidemic regarding African American mothers and infant mortality unlike any other racial demographic. In 2012, African American babies died at a rate of 11.2 per every 1,000 births followed by American Indian or Alaska Native at 8.4, Hispanics at 5.1, Non-Hispanic Whites at 5.0 and Asian or Pacific Islander at 4.1. In 2013, there were 11.9 deaths of African American infants under 1 year in Texas compared to 5.2 deaths of Hispanic infants, 5.0 deaths of Non-Hispanic White infants and 4.0 deaths of infants of other races per 1,000 live births. What causes these disproportionalities? Low income, limited or no access to prenatal care, stress, or poor diet? Since the 1980’s health officials have funneled resources to reduce these risk factors. Instead the racial gap has grown and is even larger among more educated, higher earning women. What is the issue? Chronic stress, due to the burden of intersectional stress, which is stress produced by both a gender and race. We will discuss how intersectional stress affects women of the global majority as a community and learn various methods to positively manage our stress. As always the event is FREE and breakfast will be provided. Please RSVP so that we can get a accurate head count! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/black-heath-matters-community-dialogues-tickets-33570068980?aff=es2

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